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Break point: Cloudera, NeuVector, Mirantis Secure Registry, Apache Hop, Java Operator SDK, and Istio

The team behind Cloudera Streaming Analytics has put the finishing touches to its 1.6 release. The update, available […]

All hands on deck: Log4j team rethinks defaults to help prevent Log4Shell – how to know if it affects you

The team behind Java logging framework Log4j has reworked the standard behaviour of its project slightly and made […]

Puppet starts scanning Forge modules, launches new compliance tools

IT automation tooling provider Puppet has announced a couple of additions for its tooling ecosystem this week, making […]

OWASP Top 10 risks get update, highlighting insecure design — injection no longer on top

Just in time for OWASP’s 20th anniversary last week, the Open Web Application Security Project’s Top 10 list […]

Elastic 7.15 plays to the SRE crowd with improved isolation and insight capabilities

Elastic, proprietor of an assortment of search and data analytics tools, has updated its product stack with polished […]

TestRail 7.2 changes tooling to turn charts interactive

Test management platform TestRail is now available in version 7.2 and provides testers with the option to jump […]

Break point: GitLab, Ent, Kuma, Databricks, Pyston, and Docker

GitLab dropped its monthly slew of security fixes this week. In particular, teams using the tool’s DataDog integration […]

OpenSSF introduces policy enforcement app Allstar to keep GitHub projects secure

The Open Source Security Foundation (OpenSSF) has made another step towards its vision of a secure OS ecosystem […]

Call my agent! Elastic portfolio hits version 7.14

Elastic has updated its product stack to version 7.14, which sees Elastic Agent maturing and includes a rebranding […]

Break point: Icinga Web, Apache Spark, Platform9, Google Cloud, Go, Kubernetes, Aqua, and RiskIQ

Infrastructure monitoring company Icinga released version 2.9 of its monitoring web interface and framework Icinga Web. Aside from […]