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Yarn 4.0 ups security, ease of use and performance – but is it enough to win back users?

The Yarn team is releasing version 4.0, the first major one since July 2021. New features include a […]

Fuzz without fuss? Code Intelligence introduces AI tool to write test code

Code Intelligence (CI) has introduced CI Spark, an LLM (Large Language Model) AI assistant for creating tests, with […]

GitLab gets in deeper with Google Cloud Platform as pair ‘extend’ partnership

At the Google Cloud Next event in San Francisco and online this week, Google and Gitlab introduced an […]

JetBrains updates AI Assistant – including easier disabling to prevent code sharing

JetBrains has updated its AI Assistant, currently in preview, including a new way to restrict its use for […]

GitHub previews passkeys for no-password authentication, but some would-be adopters struggle

GitHub has introduced passkeys as a passwordless option for signing into its web application, currently in beta. According […]

Updates for Git and Git for Windows after severe bug rash

A brace of Git vulnerabilities revealed this week prompted a patch release of the code management tool, and […]

RSA boss warns of ‘scary truth’: AI ‘co-pilots’ swooping on dev and sec jobs

AI is taking increasing chunks of developers and security pros’ work, whether the pros in question realize it […]

SUSE secures Rancher as K8s attack surface expands

SUSE has jacked up security in its Kubernetes management platform Rancher, as the container management platform finds its […]

Tainted PHP code? JetBrains Qodana has a new detection feature

JetBrains has released a taint analysis feature for PHP in preview, via its early access programme. A “taint”, […]

Securing the developer: LastPass breach highlights risks of DevOps itself

Updated LastPass has published more details about how its systems were compromised via an attack on a home […]