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Rust applications previewed on Azure Sphere – a ‘lifeline’ for embedded systems, says Microsoft

Microsoft has previewed Rust-based applications on Azure Sphere, its platform for cloud-connected devices. Azure Sphere is formed of […]

Microsoft’s devcontainer.json: Just for VS Code or an evolving standard?

Last month,  Microsoft declared that “dev containers have become broadly useful for scenarios beyond VS Code” and introduced […]

Why is there a .NET dustup? Microsoft introduced closed-source C# extension for VS Code

Microsoft will introduce a closed-source extension for C# in Visual Studio Code as an alternative to the existing […]

Microsoft releases first native Arm64 Visual Studio: Another step towards making Windows on Arm compelling

Microsoft has previewed Visual Studio for Arm64, saying it is “the first version of Visual Studio that will […]

RubyGems progresses with mandatory MFA for publishers

The maintainers of RubyGems, the main package – or “gem” – repository for the Ruby programming language, are […]

Deno’s Fresh framework: From editor to edge with no build required

The Deno company, sponsors of the Deno project which provides an open source runtime for TypeScript and JavaScript, […]

Microsoft releases version 1.68 of Visual Studio Code: Tweaks, sponsor buttons, and continuing performance worries

Microsoft has pushed out version 1.68 of Visual Studio Code, also known as the May 2022 update, with […]

Web push and container queries come to Safari: Enough to fend off accusations of holding back the web?

Apple’s WWDC developer event is under way this week, with the company’s previewing fresh features for the Safari […]

Interview: Does new Envoy Gateway give hope for reduction in Kubernetes project sprawl?

Among the most significant announcements at the recent Kubecon Europe was the introduction of Envoy Gateway – not […]

Microsoft releases first major update to Windows App SDK – but winning over devs is a challenge

Microsoft Windows App SDK 1.1 is out, with many important updates to the framework once known as “project […]