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Snyk slips into Azure for open source vulnerability spotting

Synk has tightened its integration with Azure, offering vulnerability scanning through the open source development workflow on the […]

VMware blues banished with Microsoft Azure lifeline

Like worry free VMware with your Microsoft Azure cloud? You’re in luck. Finally. Dell and Microsoft have announced […]

PowerShell fans swoon as Microsoft previews Azure Functions support

Microsoft has quietly slipped PowerShell support into Azure Functions, its serverless/event-based computing platform. The functionality is in preview […]

What’s the point: Fluentd graduates at CNCF, GitLab updates, Datadog chats, and Azure cuts

Fluentd has become the sixth project to “graduate” from the CNCF’s incubation holding pen for open source projects. […]

How’s Azure DevOps working for you? Microsoft launches widgets that will tell you

Just over six months after launching Azure DevOps, Microsoft will give users the opportunity to see how it’s […]

What’s the point: Azure DevOps for Londoners, Front Doors for all, updates for Databricks, Elastic and Gitlab

Microsoft has brought DevOps to London for the first time. Or rather, customers can now create Azure DevOps […]

Microsoft promises to sooth Boards’ users’ Paper Cuts

Microsoft has ripped a small, but rather sharp, leaf out of recent acquisition GitHub’s playbook to help it […]

What’s the point: XebiaLabs drops machine learning in pipeline

XebiaLabs has become the latest CD vendor to drop a big dollop of machine learning into its pipeline […]

Azure launches Premium Blob storage, for when Hot isn’t hot enough

Microsoft has added a premium tier to its Blob storage service, designed to offer much faster times and […]

CNCF marches Brigade into Sandbox

Microsoft fostered Kubernetes scripting project Brigade is kicking up a storm in the Cloud Native Computing Forum’s Sandbox. […]