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CNCF marches Brigade into Sandbox

Microsoft fostered Kubernetes scripting project Brigade is kicking up a storm in the Cloud Native Computing Forum’s Sandbox. […]

What’s the point: Elastic snaps out App Search beta, GitLab updates, Azure gets blue…and more

Elastic has released a third beta of its Elastic App Search. New additions include the ability to configure […]

Microsoft takes AKS in hand to fix bugs

Microsoft has fixed a series of bugs in its Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS) in the first major update […]

What’s the point: Rust cracks open to reveal 1.33.0, RedHat has SpringBoot, Azure launches Labs, AWS turns X-Ray on Python

The team behind Rust released v1.33.0 of the programming language last week. The team flagged two key updates […]

Microsoft ‘reimagines’ cloud security using its own silicon brain

Microsoft has stepped up its cloud security offering with Azure Sentinel, a “reimagined” SIEM tool which brings a […]

Got a grip on your cloud spend? The bean counters are coming for you…

Techies may have enjoyed breaking silos to go cloud native, create DevOps and digitally transform their companies, but […]

West Europe Azure SQL customers say vale MariaDB, MySQL, SQL Database…

Microsoft’s Azure SQL services are having a liedown in Western Europe today, with techies’ frustration being compounded by […]

What’s the point: GitHub gets drafty, Azure DevOps gets CLI, Elastic Stack and PostgreSQL updates

GitHub is introducing draft pull requests which its users can use to spark collaboration when code is not […]

Databricks aims to flush out MLflow, Delta bottlenecks after investors put in another $250m

Spark originator Databricks has deepened its relationship with Microsoft, after Redmond took part in a funding round that […]

What’s the point: Ansible, XebiaLabs and Azure, salty Security, and Red Hat migrations

Azure has extended its Ansible support with a full-fat Azure Marketplace Ansible Solution. Azure said this would enable […]