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What’s in a data analyst? Survey suggests Python user base mainly devs

Last November, the Python Software Foundation and dev tool creator JetBrains took the pulse of the Python community […]

R you ready for v4.0? Stats-lovers’ language hits ground running – but users will have to do their bit to keep up

Version 4.0 of the statistical computing language R is brimming with new features and ready to be installed […]

Julia language improves on multi-threading and consistency

Dynamic programming language Julia’s 1.4 release includes a slew of new library features, as well as some changes […]

Wolfram Language & Mathematica step into another dimension, open packaging system

Wolfram Research has released version 12.1 of its Wolfram programming language and the technical computing system Mathematica. The […]

Databricks tries making data sources more digestible

Databricks has introduced new features and a Data Ingestion Network in a bid to provide an “easy and […]

Pandas hits 1.0, opening up to new engines and dtype experiments

After almost 12 years of work, the team behind data analysis and manipulation library pandas is finally able […]

RStudio reborn as a Public Benefit Corporation – commits itself to open source, not shareholders

RStudio has rebirthed itself as a Public Benefit Corporation, meaning the company behind the eponymous IDE for R […]

DataStax Luna offers support to leave Cassandra’s dark sides behind

Database vendor DataStax has started offering commercial support for open source project Apache Cassandra and released some free […]

Julia 1.3 offers experimental approach to multi-threading

The team behind the Julia programming language has tied up a neat parcel of new language features and […]

Javascript and Python top GitHub charts as non-US developers predominate

Machine learning and data science projects and increasingly active developer communities outside the US were some of the […]