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WebAssembly increasingly used for plug-ins and serverless, but needs better tools

A new WebAssembly survey sponsored by software development company Scott Logic shows growing usage as a runtime for […]

Improved Durable Functions coming to Microsoft’s Azure Functions service – but what about cold start?

Microsoft’s Anirudh Garg, who leads the engineering team for Azure Functions, has posted abut planned improvements to the […]

CodeCatalyst introduced at re:Invent: One-stop DevOps for AWS… on AWS

AWS has released new development tools for building serverless applications. AWS CodeCatalyst, now in preview, sets up new […]

Deno’s Fresh framework: From editor to edge with no build required

The Deno company, sponsors of the Deno project which provides an open source runtime for TypeScript and JavaScript, […]

Skint but looking to get complex machine learning models into production? Serverless might be the answer

Webcast – Combining Serverless and BERT for accuracy and cost-effectiveness with the MCubed web lecture series An old […]

Knative hits version 1.0 for serverless apps on Kubernetes

The Knative team has released version 1.0 of the open source platform for deploying and operating serverless cloud-native […]

Break point: Epsagon, Artifact Hub, Tesseract, Cloudera, OpenSpiel, Keda, and GitHub

Cisco has announced plans to acquire distributed tracing company Epsagon, in a bid to accelerate its comprehensive observability […]

For FaaS sake: Google adds PHP to Cloud Functions

Internet giant Google has extended its Cloud Functions platform for Functions as a Service with the addition of PHP support.

Cloudflare goes live with Workers Unbound for serverless apps that need a little more time

Cloudflare has opened its Workers Unbound service for general availability, expanding its serverless execution environment with more capabilities, […]

Feeling like it’s time to rebuild? Join us at Continuous Lifecycle Online

Event Whether the last 12 months has seen you accelerating your organisation’s digital transformation or working flat out […]