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What’s the point: CLion, Rancher, Apache TVM, and AWS Lambda

The final CLion release of the year aims to lend C/C++ developers a hand at debugging. To make […]

Amazon unleashes AI code reviewer on Java devs, hopes to eliminate ‘most expensive’ lines of code

Amazon has made its machine learning-backed code reviewing tool CodeGuru generally available, showing developers working with JVM languages […]

Stackery slots security, CI/CD to Lambda loving platform

Stackery has added security and CI/CD capabilities to its serverless development platform, giving customers the option of not […]

Whats the point: AWS extends savings to Lambda, Azure drills on costs, Travis goes large, OAS goes 3.0.3

AWS has extended its Compute Savings Plans to cover Lambda functions, promising savings of up to 17 per […]

Atlassian hammers out Forge cloud-app development platform

DevOps tool vendor Atlassian wants to get customers started on writing apps that integrate with its own product […]

HashiCorp makes Terraform easier…in the cloud

HashiCorp has moved it make its TerraForm infrastructure as code tool easier to use – on the cloud […]

AWS warms Lambda devs’ hearts, promises end to cold starts

AWS has promised an end to that scourge of serverless computing – the cold start – at least […]

What’s the point: JetBrains blasts out IntelliJ IDEA, GitLab users on Lambda, HashiCorp serves up mugs, Django hits 3.0

JetBrains has shipped IntelliJ IDEA 2019.3, promising faster startup by parallelising some previously sequential instructions and reorganising classes. […]

What’s the Point? Travis CI’s build config validation, .NET Core on Lambda (not), Istio and Electron Upgrades

Travis CI has announced a beta of its new Build Config Validation feature. The CI vendor said the […]

Sumo Logic sees Serverless Computing, containers wooing cloud users

Companies are eager to adopt newer technologies in the cloud, according to a report from Sumo Logic. Serverless […]